Patient Portal Info

Primary Care Patient Portal 

As a Primary Care Associates of Erie patient, you can use our patient portal to access health information, make appointments and more. It works on your mobile device or desktop computer. Once logged in to the patient portal, you can: 

  • View your upcoming appointments
  • View lab results
  • Message your providers
  • Update your information
  • Send records to other healthcare providers

Creating an account is simple. 

  1. Ask a staff member to email you a portal invitation
  2. Open the link in the invitation email
  3. Answer a few verification questions
  4. Visit to login

If you are a patient and would like to sign up for our portal, ask at your next appointment or give us a call now at 814-480-7789.

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Beginning in October 2022, additional security measures were enabled by our Vendor on the Patient Portal. These were mandated to ensure the security and confidentiality of your health information.

 Additional Security Required

Upon logging in after this change, you may be presented with a few additional screens to verify a personal email address and reset your password to meet new password requirements. 


Please see the examples of these new screens below. The Green Arrows show the items you need to enter and the buttons to click to move through the process successfully.


Step 1. Sign in normally with your Username and Password. 

Guided 1

Step 2. Enter Your personal Email Address and click Continue.

Guided 2

Step 3. Success. An Email with PIN Code has been sent. Click Continue.

Guided 3

Step 4. Check your Email for the PIN Code. This code expires in 10 minutes, so do not delay. 
Pro Tip: It may be helpful to check your email on a *different device* so you can stay on the webpage. 
Guided 3 v2.5 Email PIN

Step 5. Back on the website, enter the New Password you would like to use (enter it twice to confirm) and the PIN Code from the Email you received. Click Save Password. 

Guided 4

Step 6. You are done with the additional security setup. You can now log into the Patient Portal using your new password. 



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